butterfly print
Nidulariacea - bird nest’s fungi 4
buddha;s footprints

Francis Picabia
Jenue fille au paradis

“I thought unicorns were more … fluffy” 
I think we can all agree with Terry Prachett!  This amazing unicorn is from Edward Topsell’s 1658 edition of the Historie of Foure-footed Beastes.
Flora Londinensis, William Curtis
Acrylic Hand Sculpture
Photographer : Jimmy Nelson (Kazakhs, nomadic people of western Mongolia)
young owl
Susan Hannon’s lyrical, ten-foot wide sculptures of “wings” are crafted out of abandoned Bibles, giving new life to books invested with emotion and courting more than a bit of controversy for the artist:
Albrecht Dürer Cupid the Honey Thief, 1514. - Google Search
White Elf Mushroom!
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