Paul Gustave Dore - The Raven

The Greys by V L A D I M I R , via Behance
Gary Hodge (Artist)
The Greys by V L A D I M I R , via Behance
Brancusi - Vigeland Park, Oslo
Arianrhod, “The Silver Wheel” or “High Fruitful Mother” is a Celtic (Welsh) goddess & deity of element of air, reincarnation, full moons, time, karma & retribution. The palace of this sky goddess was Caer Arianrhold (Aurora Borealis). She is keeper of the Silver Wheel of stars, a symbol of time & karma. Her ship, Oar Wheel, carried dead warriors to Emania (Moon-land).
Gary Hodges does the most exquisite and sophisticated b/w drawings like this owl butterfly.
London 1934 Photo: Bill Brandt
the plague doctors mask may be made of wood but his soul is made of shadows,his skin is made of feathers & his mind is made of disease.
1883, Brehm’s Damselfly Vintage Print Insects
crystal ball